President Trump Sues Unhinged NY Attorney General, House Committee to Block Tax Return Disclosure

President Trump on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against New York’s Attorney General and the House Ways and Means Committee to block the disclosure of his tax returns.

Unhinged liberals in Congress and New York state are doing everything they can to obtain Trump’s tax returns in order to continue to harass him.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the Democrat-led House panel “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose” to use a recently passed New York state law to get Trump’s returns. They also claim that state law violated the president’s First Amendment rights, because it was enacted to “discriminate and retaliate against President Trump for his speech and politics,” reported CNBC News.

Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow slammed the rabid Democrats in a statement.

“We have filed a lawsuit today in our ongoing efforts to end Presidential harassment,” Jay Sekulow said in a statement. “The actions taken by the House and New York officials are nothing more than political retribution.”

There is currently no law requiring US presidents or presidential candidates release their tax returns, but Democrats are completely lawless in their pursuit to take down Trump.

The House Ways and Means Committee has been unsuccessful in obtaining Trump’s tax returns so Chairman Neal took a different route and is now attempting to invoke the recently passed TRUST Act to get Trump’s state tax returns from New York.

CNBC reported:

“Succumbing to this pressure, the Chairman recently announced that he does not oppose using the TRUST Act and that House counsel was ‘reviewing’ it now,” the complaint says.

“That review could end—and Chairman Neal could decide to request the President’s state returns—at any time, with no notice to the President. And New York could respond to the request nearly instantaneously, mooting the President’s ability to object before his tax records are disclosed,” the document says.

“President Trump was thus forced to bring this lawsuit to safeguard his legal rights.”

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