President Trump Asked Why VP Pence Cancelled Rally and Flew Back to White House on Tuesday — Says Truth Will Come Out in 2 Weeks (VIDEO)

On Tuesday Vice President Mike Pence’s plane was called back to Washington DC for unspecified emergency. His planned event in New Hampshire was canceled for Tuesday night.

Fox Business Network later announced Pence just entered the West Wing of the White House.

The White House did not discuss why Vice President Pence was called to the White House.

On Friday President Trump was asked about this unusual episode.
He told reporters they will know in about two weeks(?)

Reporter: Why did the Vice President cancel his trip the other day?

President Trump: You’ll know in about two weeks. A very interesting problem that they had in New Hampshire. That I can’t tell you about. But it had nothing to do with the White House. There was a problem up there. And I won’t go into what the problem was but you’ll see in about a week or two.

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