MUST WATCH: US Coast Guard Releases Video of $232 Million Cocaine Bust – Service Members Leap Onto Moving Submarine

The US Coast Guard released incredible video of service members leaping onto a moving submarine in the Eastern Pacific Ocean that was smuggling over 17,000 pounds of cocaine.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Munro had been working to seize ‘narco-subs’ moving tons of cocaine and the video released of the June 18 bust shows just how brave the service members are.

A crew member is heard yelling in Spanish ordering the submarine to stop before he tells fellow crew members that “it will be hard to get on.”

The man and another colleague are then seen leaping onto the moving submarine before he begins pounding on the opening hatch.

A drug smuggler opens the hatch with his hands in the air surrendering to the Coast Guard member.

According to reports, a total of five smugglers were found inside of the moving vessel and the street value of the cocaine was approximately $232 million.

Vice President Mike Pence honored the Coast Guard in San Diego on Thursday.

WATCH this dramatic video of crew members leaping onto a moving submarine:

President Trump praised their bravery on Thursday night.

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