Driveway With Patriotic Memorial for Man’s Recently Deceased Veteran Brother Vandalized in Massachusetts

A swastika was painted on the driveway of a Massachusetts man’s home where he had a veteran’s memorial for his recently deceased brother.

Mark Merrifield of Norwell believes that Friday night’s vandalism was over his political beliefs — he has several pro-Trump and patriotic signs on the property.

“My brother recently passed away and he was a veteran and his memorial is here,” Merrifield told Boston 25 News.

Merrifield told the local news that he heard shouting and “vulgar homophobic slurs about the president and myself.” When he went down to investigate, he saw the swastika that had been painted on his driveway.


“The symbol of hate, it hurt me bone-deep,” Merrifield said.

The swastika sat by his brother’s memorial for several days as he is on a fixed income and did not have the funds to remove it. In a random act of kindness, strangers arrived and helped him remove it. A veteran’s group has also offered to help him install cameras on the property.

“I went through the weekend and then saw it again on Sunday and was kind of disturbed that no one was really reaching out to help,” Miene Smith told Boston 25. “So me, my son, my daughter, my mom, my friend, a couple friends all went there this morning and we brought chemicals and scrub brushes and power washers and got as much off as we could.”

They spent about two hours removing the spray paint, despite having differing political beliefs.

“If someone wrongs someone else, you show up and you teach your kids to show up and make it right,” Smith said. “And one little thing made it right for this man, and that’s all that matters, and the hate is gone now – the hate’s washed away.”

No arrest has been made in the case.

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