Last Days for Dem Dinos? Howard Fineman Deletes DC Power Party Photo of Pelosi and Schumer at Maureen Dowd Soiree After Twitter Mob Attacks

‘The times they are a changin’. NBC News and MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman learned the hard way Wednesday night that 2019 politics is not like 2009 politics when envy–instead of Twitter mob attacks–would have been the response to a photo of Democratic Party leaders at a D.C. soiree hosted by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. The photo was captioned, “A @maureendowd party is always crowded. The action is outside her Georgetown home. SpeakerPelosi arrived late, greeted by the hostess, escorted in by @SenSchumer. The event was for @hillhulse, who has a book about Supreme Court nomination fights.”

@hillhulse is Carl Hulse, the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times. The party for Hulse was held the night after the disastrous day-long Mueller hearings that wrecked the fevered dreams of Democrat voters of impeaching President Trump. The photo was quickly ratioed as a symbol of the out-of-touch Democratic Party-D.C. media establishment by the younger generation progressive base represented by the Squad that is taking over the party.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), 79, has been in power in D.C. since her first term in the House in 1987. She was Speaker from 2007-2011 and again starting in 2019, serving as House Minority Leader in the interregnum. Sen. Chuck Schumer, 68, has been in power in D.C. since his first term in the House in 1981. He was elevated to the Senate in 1999. He is now Senate Minority Leader. Maureen Dowd, 67, has been a D.C. reporter since the 1970s and a D.C. based New York Times columnist since 1995, winning a Pulitzer in 1999. Howard Fineman, 70, has been a D.C. based journalist since 1978, most notably with Newsweek.


Howard Fineman.

Fineman later deleted the photo, saying, “Tonight I tweeted a pic of a Georgetown party hosted by
@maureendowd, attended by @SpeakerPelosi, @SenSchumer and DC journos. In the old days it would’ve been a benign big-shot brag. No more. It was viciously ratio’d by left and right. I deleted it. All establishments are hated.”

Steve Clemons, Editor at Large with The Hill, also posted a photo but escaped being ratioed. Clemons reported several other NY Times reporters and other journos, as well as Obama alum David Axelrod in attendance, “.
@SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer together & festive in front of @maureendowd home at packed party for @hillhulse new book ‘Confirmation Bias.’ Also there @davidaxelrod @jeffzeleny @SherylNYT @carlsonmargaret @jmartNYT @GlennThrush @MarkLeibovich @PhilipRucker”

Thursday afternoon Dowd made light of the controversy. riffing on a comment from a supportive D.C. insider and sparring with a critic.

Link to the Twitter mob as of Thursday afternoon for those who wish to wade though it.

While Fineman claimed he was attacked by left and right partisans the main attacks came from the left. Examples:

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