Joe DiGenova: John Durham’s Investigation Is Moving at ‘Lightning Speed’ — He Is Focused on Very Large Criminal Conspiracy (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife and attorney Victoria Toensing joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing investigation by US Attorney John Durham on the origins of the Russian witch hunt and spying on the Trump campaign.

Joe DiGenova: By any traditional standard this thing is moving at lightening speed. In a very short period of time John Durham has interviewed, I understand, dozens of potential witnesses and has moved to setting up a grand jury. So it’s going to happen… We may see some initial cases that are not brought. But eventually Durham is focused on a very large criminal conspiracy involving frauding the United States government of faithful service of these agencies. I think ultimately he will get to the point of bringing charges. It isn’t going to happen quickly. And there are going to be some instances where he isn’t going to have enough evidence to charge even some pretty big people initially. But some of these players are involved in more than one series of criminal investigations. So if they get a pass in one instance, they may not get it in another… Believe me Bill Barr is not going to pass up the opportunity to do the right thing.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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