Jim Jordan Sounds the Alarm After Mueller Makes Last Minute Changes to Put His Deputy on the Witness Panel During Hearing

Robert Mueller

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify Wednesday to the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees for a total of 5 hours.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sounded the alarm on Tuesday and said that Mueller made last minute changes to put his chief of staff Aaron Zebley on the witness panel with Mueller.

Aaron Zebley, a close deputy to Mueller, worked on the obstruction of justice portion of the bogus Russia investigation — The DOJ a couple weeks ago quashed his testimony before the Dem-led House Committees so now Mueller is trying to sneak him in as a witness at the 11th hour.

According to reports, Mueller made the last minute request to swear-in his deputy to answer questions that Mueller couldn’t answer himself.

JIM JORDAN: Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller. You don’t get to change the rules right before kickoff, especially after a 22 month, $30 million investigation.

Nadler said the only witness for the hearing so far is Mueller.

“I am not aware of any witnesses beyond Mueller at this point,” a House Judiciary spokesman said.

Republican Congressman Doug Collins (GA) also chimed in and said in a statement, “If Democrats believe it is the special counsel’s responsibility to testify to his report, they have no ground for outsourcing that duty at the expense of our committee’s integrity.”

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton said in response to the last minute changes, “The rules and the law don’t matter for the coup cabal targeting President Trump.”



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