Jim Jordan Catches Mueller Off Guard About Papadopoulos and Mifsud – Nails Mueller With His Own Report! (VIDEO)

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) caught Mueller off guard on Wednesday morning when he brought up Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos and the fake Russian operative Joseph Mifsud.

Jordan asked Mueller who allegedly told Papadopoulos about the Russians having Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Mueller reverted back to his talking points and said that he cannot answer questions about internal deliberations.

Jordan hit back and told Mueller that the answer is in his own report!

“Yes you can because you wrote about it — you gave us the answer! Page 192 of the report you told us who told him — Joseph Mifsud  — Joseph Mifsud is the guy who told Papadopoulos!”

Jim Jordan also blasted Mueller for not charging Mifsud with making false statements even though he lied to investigators three times.

Mueller would not answer Jordan why he didn’t charge Mifsud with lying (hint: it’s because he’s a Western Intelligence spy).

Mueller has no idea what’s in ‘his’ own report.


Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor was labeled by Mueller as a ‘Russian operative’ who approached Papadopoulos in the Spring of 2016 offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

In reality, Mifsud is a Western Intelligence spy.

In May Rep. Devin Nunes revealed that Joseph Mifsud visited the State Department in Washington DC in 2017 — likely AFTER Trump was inaugurated. This was a MAJOR OMISSION by Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann and their band of angry Democrats.

On Tuesday John Solomon in his report reveals that Joseph Mifsud was indeed a Western Intelligence spy.
Robert Mueller likely knew this, lied in his report, and labeled Mifsud a Russian operative.

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