Illinois Trump Supporter’s Truck Smashed and Vandalized, ‘Antifa’ Painted on the Back

A Trump supporter’s truck was smashed and vandalized with the word “Antifa” outside his home on Monday evening.

Tom Lord of Champaign, Illinois, says that he woke up on Tuesday morning to find that a window on his truck had been smashed in and the word “Antifa” scrawled across the back with red spray paint.

Lord’s 2005 Ford F-150 was decked out with two American flags and “Trump 2020” across the top of his front windshield. He had also paid an artist to paint “Are you American or not?” on one of the windows — the one which was smashed in. The busted window also had a Trump sticker on it.

Lord said that his girlfriend woke him up around 8 a.m. and alerted him to the vandalism. Stunned by what happened, he posted photos to his Facebook account and reported it to the police.

“I believe in freedom of speech,” Lord told the News Gazette. “It’s our right to express ourselves, especially when it comes to a president who is looking out for us and our country. I believe I’m speaking up for people who are afraid to speak out.”

Unfortunately, Lord does not have comprehensive insurance coverage on the truck and repairs are going to cost him approximately $350 out of his own pocket.

No arrests have been made in the case as of Friday.


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