Illegal Immigrant Group Stages Protests at Amazon and Jeff Bezo’s Home Against Them Selling Software to ICE (VIDEO)

La Resistencia, an illegal immigrant-led far-left organization, staged a protest outside Amazon’s headquarters to demand that they stop selling facial recognition software to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to the group’s Facebook page, they are “a grassroots undocumented led movement that works to end the detention of immigrants and stop all deportations.”

On Monday, Amazon Prime Day, the group went to the Seattle headquarters to deliver a petition and hold their “NoTech4ICE” protest.


Protests against Amazon’s relationship with ICE continued on Tuesday with protesters in DC walking to one of Jeff Bezo’s homes and rallying outside.

La Resistencia recently made excuses for armed Antifa member Willem Van Spronsen’s shooting by police as he attempted arson outside an ICE facility.

“This death results from the federal government’s unresponsiveness to the anger and despair people feel at the horrors unfolding both at the border and in the interior, and from the inability of officers to de-escalate rather than shooting to kill,” the group said in a statement.

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