Heroic Marine and Fox News Commentator Johnny Joey Jones Gets Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo After Nike Caves to Kaepernick

Former Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones has got a large Betsy Ross flag tattooed on his bicep following Nike’s controversial decision to pull a pair of shoes featuring the design over complaints from Colin Kaepernick.

Jones, a regular Fox News political commentator, is widely regarded as a hero. He lost both of his legs in Afghanistan due to stepping on a mine after defusing 40 bombs in just five days.

Kaepernick, a football player, had lobbed complaints with Nike about the design after it was posted online, claiming that it was problematic due to flag being created during the era of slavery.

“I have quite a few tattoos. I’ve always gotten tattoos when something happens in my life that is so monumental that I feel compelled to tell that story for the rest of my life,” Jones told The Gateway Pundit. “For example, I got one after going on a deployment, losing a buddy, getting a new job in the military, things like that.”


Jones explained that when Kaepernick first began protesting against the American flag he threw himself into the conversation in an attempt to provide a reasonable perspective about why the flag stood for everything great and possible in this nation, not oppression.

“I feel like this conversation about symbols in our history, and what we stand for, is incredibly important today, as much as ever. So, when Collin decided this symbol needed to be attacked it made perfect sense to me to wear it for the rest of my life, to show that the symbols represent the very best of us our accomplishments and growth, not our mistakes,” Jones continued. “If anything the Betsy Ross flag, probably more importantly it’s fabled history, stands as an example of how even people that are oppressed or discriminated against can have a direct and positive affect on our society. Women weren’t even allowed to vote, yet a woman decided what our flag would be. She was an example of how even people that are oppressed or discriminated against can have a direct and positive affect on our society.”

Jones wasn’t alone in being upset about Nike’s decision. Many patriotic Americans immediately vowed never to purchase their products again.

Jones was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan on separate tours, working as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb) Technician. He has now dedicated his life to helping other veterans.

“Determined to make the road to recovery easier for his fellow wounded veterans, Jones founded a peer visit program at Walter Reed, providing opportunities for others recovering to mentor and encourage newly-injured patients,” Jones’ biography reads. “His dedication and relentlessness led to an unprecedented year-long fellowship on Capitol Hill with the House of Representatives Veterans’ Affairs Committee, his work resulted in the creation of an annual fellowship for a wounded Marine.”

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