Fresh Off Epstein Case Win, Mike Cernovich Launches Fundraiser to Unseal Congressional Sexual Harassment Deals

Fresh off a win after his lawsuit helped lead to Jeff Epstein’s arrest for sex trafficking, author and political commentator Mike Cernovich has launched a GoFundMe campaign to wage a legal battle to unseal deals made in sexual harassment cases involving members of Congress.

Cernovich had lead the charge against Epstein, filing a lawsuit to unseal a large amount of files in the case that were previously withheld from the public. Epstein was arrested on Saturday for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005.

The court’s opinion in the case stated, “on January 19, 2017, Cernovich, an independent blogger and self‐described ‘popular political journalist,’ moved to intervene, seeking to unseal the summary judgment record, and Dershowitz joined his motion. On April 6, 2018, after the case had settled, the Herald moved to intervene and unseal the entire docket. The District Court granted each of these motions to intervene, but denied the related requests to unseal in orders entered November 2, 2016, May 3, 2017, and August 27, 2018, respectively.”

The renewed scrutiny following Cernovich’s lawsuit undoubtedly played a major role in the billionaire’s arrest.

Cernovich doesn’t plan to quit fighting for what is right after this massive victory, however.

On Sunday, the ‘Gorilla Mindset‘ author launched a GoFundMe campaign to unseal the records of sexual harassment and assault cases involving Congress. He noted that Congressmen have settled over 250 sexual harassment lawsuits using taxpayer money.

“Hidden from public view, Congress’s Office of Compliance paid out over $17 million for 264 settlements involving misconduct and sexual harassment.  (Read, Over the past 20 Years, Congress has paid out $17.2 million in settlements ),” Cernovich wrote in the GoFundMe campaign description. “It is time to Unseal the Deals!”

The popular commentator explained that 100% of the Funds will go to legal support and investigations.

“All funds will go to legal support, private investigators, and whistle blowers,” Cernovich wrote.

Entrepreneur Jeff Giesea has offered to match all donations up to $10,000.


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