Disavowing the ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Wasn’t Enough for CNN, Jake Tapper Calls President Trump a Liar

Disavowing or condemning something is never enough for the Democrat activists at CNN, now Jake Tapper is claiming that President Donald Trump lied when saying that he rejected the “send her back” chant at his North Carolina rally last night.

CNN talking heads have been losing their minds for nearly 24 hours straight now.

“‘Send her back’ they chanted,” Tapper said on The Lead on Thursday. “You know the back story. The president launched attacks earlier this week, even attacks that Republican members of the house and Senate called racist.”

“The president’s lies about what she said and demonizing of her prompted results so shocking, that even some of the meekest and least critical Republicans … voiced their discomfort,” Tapper continued.

The pundit went on to explain that President Trump has since disavowed the comments and said that he attempted to stop it in the moment by quickly continuing his speech. That isn’t good enough for the morality police at CNN, however.

“That’s a naked lie. When the chants started, President Trump stopped talking, he let the crowd go, and did not resume until the chant died out on its own,” Tapper said.

Tapper also accused the president of “just naked racism.”

“13 seconds. For 13 seconds, the president of the United States stood there as a crowd of supporters screamed that he should sent an American citizen, a woman who fled Somalia as a child refugee, now a member of Congress, back to Somalia,” Tapper continued. “This is all part and parcel of the president’s 2020 reelection strategy. No more dog whistles, just naked racism.”

Trump has disavowed the chant, which is a lot more than what Rep. Omar and her “squad” have said about the Antifa terrorist who attacked the ICE facility in Tacoma over the weekend.

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