DEVELOPING: DOJ Trying to Quash Mueller Team Testimony Before Democrat-Led House Committees: Report

Robert Mueller

The Justice Department is trying to prevent two members of Mueller’s team from testifying behind closed doors to Democrat-led House Intel and House Judiciary Committees, according the NY Times and Reuters.

Reuters reported:


The department said last week it opposed testimony by Aaron Zebley and James Quarles before the Democratic-led House of Representatives’ Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, a senior congressional official told the newspaper. A Justice Department official confirmed the account and had instructed the men not to appear, the paper said.

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters the former Mueller team members were in negotiations to testify before the two panels behind closed doors. The person could not confirm the Justice Department had instructed them not to testify.

Zebley and Quarles, both deputies close to Mueller, worked on the obstruction of justice portion of the bogus Russia investigation.

Both lawyers retired from the DOJ and are now private citizens so the DOJ can only pressure them to refuse to testify.

Robert Mueller is currently preparing for his public testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and House Intel Committee which is set for July 17.

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova said last month that Mueller’s testimony will be worthless and warned that the real damage to President Trump will be done when Weissmann testifies in “executive session with unlimited questioning.”

“[Mueller’s} testimony is going to be basically worthless,” diGenova said. “The real damage is going to be done the next day when they have testimony from Weissmann and his aides which will be done in executive session with unlimited questioning. That’s when the damage to the president is going to be done,” he said.

Mueller did not indict President Trump, however he, along with his crooked prosecutor Weissmann and others are being given a platform to smear an innocent man who has never been convicted a crime.

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