Defiant Trump Plans Big Bash Next Fourth Of July As Whining Democrats Fume About Cost

President Trump threw a big party for America on the Fourth of July, and Democrats groused and moaned.

So, of course, Trump plans to do it again next year — and every year “for the foreseeable future.”

“We had a remarkable Salute to America on the National Mall.  It was incredible, actually,” Trump said on Monday.

“Standing on the steps of the great Lincoln Memorial and looking out at the crowds — these incredible, big, beautiful crowds, braving the weather — all the way back to the Washington Monument, we celebrated freedom in all of its magnificence while saluting our great military.  It was something really special.  And I will say this: It was a wonderful day for all Americans.  And based on its tremendous success, we’re just making the decision — and I can think we can say we’ve made the decision — to do it again next year, and, maybe we can say, for the foreseeable future.”

You’ll never guess how Democrats reacted (wait, no, you will): Senate Democrats are demanding an investigation into how much the Washington, D.C., festivities cost U.S. taxpayers.

“Democratic Sens. Tom Udall of New Mexico, Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland called for a federal watchdog to dig into Trump’s military tribute event on Thursday. All three are members of the Senate Appropriations Committee,” National Public Radio wrote on Tuesday.

“The lawmakers formally requested on Monday that the Government Accountability Office investigate spending for the president’s Lincoln Memorial speech, a slew of military flyovers, several Army vehicles on display and heightened security.”

The senators also want to know whether the event’s expenses comply with restrictions banning political activity on the public’s dime.

“Congress did not specifically provide funds to cover the costs of the President’s expanded Fourth of July events, and we are very concerned by the impacts and the precedent of diverting limited Federal resources — including the use of military personnel, equipment and aircraft as well as other appropriations or visitor fees paid to improve national parks — to organize and execute unbudgeted events,” the senators wrote in a letter Monday to the GAO.

The Fourth of July event was spectacular. There were seven flyovers, including Air Force One, the Navy’s Blue Angels, the B-2  Stealth Bomber flanked by two F-22 Raptors, some V-22 Ospreys, four Apache choppers, some F-18 fighter jets, as well as some others.  All five military services were represented in the flyovers.

While the $750,000 fireworks show came in from donations, The Washington Post reported that the flyovers cost more than $500,000.

“The combined hourly cost of the 24 aircraft that performed a flyover on Thursday is at least $560,000 per hour, according to the Defense Department comptroller’s hourly reimbursement rates for fiscal year 2019 and The Post’s previous reporting,” the paper wrote.

But here’s the thing: Trump is president and he threw a party for the American people. For the hundreds of thousands of people who were on the National Mall that day — the crowds stretched from the U.S. Capitol some 30 blocks to the Lincoln Memorial — it was a day they’ll never forget.

And one last thing, for all the critics out there: Imagine if Barack Obama had done it. You’d be singing his praises from the mountaintop.

But he didn’t. Trump did.

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