Crisis at the Border: “Symposium At The Wall” on US-Mexico Border From July 25-27


Three-day agenda to include keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops on security, sovereignty, cartels, human trafficking, and asylum.

Speakers include:

Sheriff Mark Lamb, Lou Barletta, Sheriff David Clarke, David N. Bossie, Congressman Louis Gohmert, Rosemary Jenks, Steven Camarota, Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III (ret.), Kris Kobach, Raheem Kassam, Angel families, and Mike Cernovich.

Sunland Park, New Mexico: A coalition of experts from government, law enforcement, military, as well as immigration, human trafficking, and victims’ rights organizations will hold a national “Symposium at The Wall: Cartels, Trafficking, and Asylum,” from July 25 – 27, 2019.

The entire event will be live-streamed from Sunland Park, New Mexico at the U.S. Southern Border Wall, which was built entirely with private funds from American citizens through a viral GoFundMe campaign.

Situated at the intersection of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico, the newly-erected segment of the wall is approximately 30 miles from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Station in Clint, TX.

Other sponsors of the symposium include Numbers USA, Angel Families, Black Americans for a Better Future, Citizens of the American Republic, Citizens United, Human Events, and We Build the Wall, Inc.

We Build the Wall, Inc., which is providing the location for the live-stream, was founded by triple-amputee Air Force Veteran Brian Kolfage.

Some of the important issues that will be discussed and debated topics that will be covered include: human and drug trafficking, border security, immigration, citizenship, asylum, detections centers, law enforcement and ICE, the role of Congress, foreign policy, and the economic implications of unfettered illegal immigration.

The symposium commences with a reception held Thursday evening with and features a full range of speakers, workshops, and panel discussions on Friday and Saturday. Speakers, media, and guests will be provided a full tour and technical briefing of the recently completed segment of the Border Wall.

A host of leading digital influencers and experts including DC Draino, Fleccas, Fog City Midge, and more will offer special social media workshops for speakers and attendees.

“We are at a breaking point. It is urgent for our nation to fully address the human and drug trafficking and reality of life on the border, the challenges to patriots in law enforcement who defend our borders, and the numbers of people crossing over our southern border illegally,” said Kris Kobach, General Counsel for We Build the Wall, Inc.,”. We the people of the United States must acknowledge this crisis. I challenge those leaders who oppose us to come join us and present their case.

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