Crap Cable Channel That Peddled Trump-Russia Conspiracy for 2 Yrs. Targets Gateway Pundit in Hit Piece After White House Summit on Tech Censorship (VIDEO)

President Trump gathered conservative groups at the White House on Thursday for a “summit” on social media bias and censorship.

Republican Senator and outspoken critic of social media bias Josh Hawley (MO) was also invited to speak at the White House event.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft was invited to the White House Tech Censorship Summit and attended the meeting.

CNN and MSNBC weren’t happy about The Gateway Pundit’s much deserved invitation and went on the attack.

The far left giants did not report on the shocking bias and censorship by the tech giants against conservative publishers and pundits since President Trump’s victory in 2016. The liberal media did not discuss the erosion of the First Amendment under the liberal tech giants. Instead they chose to attack the attendees at the event.

On Sunday CNN attack dog Brian Stelter took time during his show “Reliable Sources” to attack Jim Hoft and The Gateway Pundit.

(Despite the fact that this reporter was sitting on the side of the stage and several rows back CNN captured a shot of me during the president’s speech.)

Brian Stelter had this to say about The Gateway Pundit — one of the largest, most accurate and most censored online conservative publications in America today.

Brian Stelter: There are liberals and Democrats getting away with all sorts of smears. we saw it constantly on the right. People like Jim Hoft, he’s the founder of The Gateway Pundit, just one of many examples of a website that specializes in this kind of misinformation that confuses people. Putting up lies, OK, saying recently that Obama was responsible for removing the citizenship question on the census. That’s obviously not true. It’s false. There were lots of other — examples on this website of smears and false information that’s been spread. But Gateway Pundit is one of many examples.


That segment is rich coming from the same crap cable news channel that peddled Trump is Putin’s puppet for two years.


The article that Stelter points out is our report on the US Census dropping the citizenship question.

CNN says Obama did not take out the citizenship question from the US Census. The question was asked in for decades and in 2000 and was eliminated in 2010. A recent report says the question was removed in 2005 during the Bush administration but it was not asked in 2010 during the Obama administration. So CNN and the liberal media are splitting hairs in order to find this report false.

The Center for Immigration Studies recently released a chart on when the citizenship was asked in the US Census.

CNN must be really hard up for information if that is the TGP article they claim makes us a fake news website.
They really aren’t sending their best.

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