CLASSY: Leftist Protesters to Bring Giant Robot of Trump Tweeting on the Toilet to DC’s 4th of July Celebrations

In addition to the infamous ‘Baby Trump’ blimp, leftist activists are now also planning to bring a large robot of President Donald Trump tweeting from the toilet to DC’s “Salute to America” Fourth of July celebrations.

The robot, called “Dumping Trump,” was first used at protests in London and is a creation of Don Lessem, the founder of the Jurassic Foundation.

Lessem told the leftist blog the Daily Kos that his goal with the robot is to “create this year’s attention-getting and bile-producing sequel to the Trump baby balloon, and one that could be more easily deployed at rallies all over the world.”

The figure appears to tweet while making farting noises and saying phrases such as “No collusion,” “I’m a very stable genius” and “you are fake news.”

“When not on the links, Trump apparently spends most of his time on the can tweeting, so I figured to pay full tribute to him he’d have to be positioned on a golden toilet. For his own safety, we thought to put his overlong tie into the toilet itself,” Lessem told the Daily Kos. “He’s tweeting of course, and his mouth moves to utter deathless quotes in his own voice …. His Make America Great Again cap is subtitled ‘Impeach Me’ — as if we needed a reminder.”

The left-wing Anti-War organization Code Pink also raised money to bring the Baby Trump blimp to the festivities. Unfortunately for them, the city has announced that they will not be allowed to put helium in it.

“This 4th of July, CODEPINK will host a festival on the National Mall from 2-6 p.m. to protest the Trump administration’s politicization of our national holiday,” the group said in a release. “The anti-war organization will be featuring the Trump Baby Blimp, made famous in the UK, and a 16-foot Trump Robot sitting on a golden toilet, as well as lots of small Baby Trump balloons. The festival will also include stand-up comedy, a dance party, and an open mic for participants to bring attention to issues that are important to them.”


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