Center For Immigration Studies: Surge of 35,000 More African Migrants Moving Through Panama En Route to US

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 35,000 more African migrants are currently in Central America en route to the United States.

Word of the hundreds of successful entries into the US this year by Congolese migrants spread quickly and now a surge of Africans and Middle Easterners are in Panama en route to the US.

The African migrants who were dumped in San Antonio recently were also seen holding wads of $100 bills.

No wonder why tens of thousands of Africans are on their way to the US!

A freelance journalist in Central America and a Mississippi-based nurse who has worked for years in Panama both told the Center for Immigration Studies that “a surge is currently underway the likes of which neither has ever seen.”

We have no idea who these migrants are. We have no idea what type of diseases they are carrying or if they are dangerous terrorists.

Via CIS:

Like the proverbial “bulge in the belly of the snake,” unusually high numbers of non-Latino migrants, obviously not from Central America, are now reportedly passing from Colombia through Panama on their way to the U.S. southern border. Their numbers range to the tens of thousands, whose vanguards we have already seen at the U.S. Southwest Border in recent months: Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Congolese, Haitians, Cubans, and some from the Middle East.

Word of their successful entries into the United States this year clearly reached home countries because now a swell numbering as many as 35,000 is on an infamous migrant passage through which migrants have long funneled from South America to North America: the Darien Gap.

I am told this by two eye-witnesses who have just returned from the Colombia-Panama region on either side of the Gap. One of them is Panama-based author and freelance journalist Chuck Holton, who just visited the Colombian side in the frontier border town of Turbo, which is notorious as a migrant staging area for U.S.-bound migrantsto be smuggled through the Darien Gap passage into Panama. The other source is Diane Edrington, a Mississippi-based nurse practitioner who has worked for years as a Panama Missions volunteer and who just returned from camps I visited in December on the Panama side of the Darien Gap.

Last week two groups of African migrants from Ebola-stricken Congo were seen rafting into Mexico from Guatemala:

According to reports, the African migrants have already dispersed across the US and now tens of thousands are on their way.

President Trump better act quickly to shut down the border to stop this invasion.

You can read the full report by Center for Immigration Studies by clicking here.

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