Brilliant! Mike Cernovich Destroys Rep. Erica Thomas and her Disgusting Hate Hoax — Breaks Down Ever-Changing Story of ‘Madame Smollett’

As reported on Saturday — State Rep. Erica Thomas told supporters a white man told her to “go back to where you came from.”

Thomas is an African-American Democrat state lawmaker.
She was at a Publix grocery store and was checking out at the express lane with too many items when the man confronted her.

Thomas posted a tearful and heartrending video on social media following the confrontation.
She said the man told her to “go back where she came from.”
Of course, this story made headlines.


The accused man, Eric Sparkes, told a different story.

On Saturday Sparkes confronted Rep. Thomas and said she was lying.
He admitted to calling her a bitch instead.
He is a Democrat of Cuban descent.

On Saturday Sparkes told her to back off or he’ll call the police.

Eric Sparkes told Christian Jennings from Channel 2 he is a lifelong Democrat and of Cuban nationality.

On Saturday investigative journalist and author Mike Cernovich broke down the entire disgusting hoax and absolutely destroyed Rep. Thomas and her outrageous lies.

After obliterating Thomas’s story Mike Cernovich renames her “Madame Smollet.”

And Mike then blasts Democrat Eric Sparkes as an a**hole he complaining to the store manager about a pregnant woman having too many items in the express lane. As Mike says, “This is your future under Democrat control.” Whiny men complaining about pregnant women breaking the rules. And fake hate hoaxes by angry Democrats.

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