BREAKING: In Early 2017 FBI Found VAST MAJORITY of Steele Dossier Was Wrong or Unverifiable –USED IT AGAINST TRUMP ANYWAY

Investigative reporter John Solomon broke another HUGE story on Tuesday.

According to Solomon the FBI knew in early 2017 that the VAST MAJORITY of the Steele Dossier was wrong or unverified. And yet they continued to use the fake document anyway to spy on Trump and his campaign, transition team and administration.

On Hannity tonight Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said what was significant was that they continued to use his work anyway. Meadows confirmed that John Solomon’s report is accurate.

Meadows confirmed that the FBI kept their investigation open despite them knowing the entire investigation was based on a fraud.


It was a coup.
They tried to remove a president.

Before the segment was over Rep. Meadows told Sean that Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe knew the dossier was a fraud but used it anyway and should face justice.

Via Sean Hannity:

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