BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Families Separated Under Obama Administration Staging Sit-In at Biden Campaign Headquarters

The families of illegal immigrants who were separated under the Obama administration are staging a sit-in at Joe Biden’s Philadelphia campaign headquarters in protest of deportations and detentions that occurred while he was Vice President.

The protesters are planning to refuse to leave until the candidate agrees to apologize and bring back illegal immigrants who were deported under the last two administrations.

“Philadelphia- Immigrant families whose loved ones were among the 3,000,000 deported while Former Vice President Biden was in the White House will take over Biden campaign headquarters in Philadelphia on Wednesday,” the group said in a press release. “They are demanding Biden apologize for separating their families, and commit that if elected president in 2020 he would use his executive authority to put an immediate end to all immigrant detention and deportations. Families are also calling for Biden to commit to bringing home loved ones that were unjustly deported by the last two administrations.”

The protesters allege that the Democratic Party has been “complicit in a bipartisan attack on the immigrant community” and deporting illegal aliens — which they view as a bad thing.

“I am not just here to tell my own story, but on behalf of thousands of other mothers who were also separated from their families during that time,” said Norma Morales, a leader of the Cosecha Movement whose son was deported in 2011. “Sometimes when we come to this country with think that we have to keep our heads down and just focus on working to provide for our children. But I’ve lost that fear and found my courage because I know that just like anyone else⁠— I deserve to be treated with dignity.”

The demonstrators took specific offense to Biden’s response when he was questioned on his mass deportation record during the Democratic Debate.

“He failed to recognize and take responsibility for the pain he caused, saying instead that Obama had done a ‘heck of a job,'” the protesters said in their press release.

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