Body Language Expert Says Mueller Was Defiant and Deceptive As His Russia Hoax Sham Was Exposed

The body language expert reviewed Robert Mueller’s responses and actions during his recent hearing before Congress.  Based on this review, Mueller was deceptive and very defiant.

The body language ghost on YouTube relaesed a number of videos where she reviews the actions and responses on Robert Mueller in front of Congress attempting to defend his corrupt and criminal Russia Collusion coup.  The results are as expected.

In her review of Mueller in response to the grilling from Republican Jim Jordan, Mueller comes of defiant and misleading –

In a second video, where Mueller is grilled by Representatives Gaetz, Gohmert and McClintock, Mueller is just plain old deceptive.  The former FBI Director lied numerous times in front of Congress –


It is absolutely frightening knowing that Robert Mueller was a member of the DOJ and FBI for decades.  It’s worse knowing that he was FBI Director and the Head of Special Counsel set up in a coup to remove President Trump from office. Mueller is a crook!

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