Black ICE Employee Harrassed and Heckled by Angry White Liberals As He Leaves Work in Washington DC (VIDEO)

Liberals consistently call Trump a racist for securing the border, deporting illegals who have been ordered to leave and for holding illegal aliens in detention camps after they cross into the border illegally.

On Tuesday illegal immigrants and far-left groups shut down the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters in Washington, DC.
Movimiento Cosecha, an illegal immigrant protest group, and Never Again Action, a far-left Jewish protest organization, converged at the building on Tuesday and blocked all entrances and exits.

And then after the ICE employees left work for the day, the far left protesters harassed the employees after their way out of the building.

One black ICE employee was filmed being harassed and heckled by white liberals as he left work for the day.

These liberals really have no shame.

The actions by the unhinged liberals did not go unnoticed.

Ambassador Grenell weighed in.

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