Big Tech Leftists Are Eliminating Conservative Content on the Internet: Here is What Trump Can Do to STOP THE BIAS

Who could have imagined just three years ago that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google would set out to eliminate free speech in America today?

Since the 2016 election the tech giants have worked diligently and cooperatively to eliminate conservative voices online.

The Gateway Pundit has written extensively about the blatant discrimination against conservative publishers online.

This influence map below by Columbia Journalism Review shows the top influencers during the 2016 election.

Breitbart, Western Journal, Gateway Pundit, Conservative Review, Young Cons, Right Wing News, Zerohedge, Infowars, etc. were top conservative influencers in 2016.

And here, after two years of purposeful targeting, is that same map showing the conservative publishers who have been targeted and censored by Facebook since 2017.

Facebook has been shutting down traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election.

Conservatives dominated social media in 2016 where they were able to get the truth uncensored.  Facebook ended that in 2017 and 2018.

Big Tech companies benefiting from Section 230 immunity are actively biasing what the American people see.

Project Veritas recently exposed how Google manipulates search results. Our study of Facebook shows that grassroots Trump supporters have been largely silenced on that platform.

While groups like ours have suffered, the greater suffering is by the American people.

The American people are being exposed to information that is being biased and filtered by Big Tech with no recourse. Big Tech benefits from Section 230 immunity, granted to “platforms’ to escape the legal liability that publishers face. Big Tech companies have violated the spirit of Section 230 and should no longer be given that immunity.

But the bigger, more immediate problem is Big Tech’s biasing of the information the American people see. While the scope of the Federal government is not to control information, we are concerned that Federal workers and military personnel are seeing biased information when they use Big Tech’s tools.

If Federal workers and military personnel are given biased information about the country they serve, policy decisions and government activities will be biased and performed at a level below the standard of an effective Federal workforce.

There is also the concern that advertising job postings and other activities on Big Tech platforms that show biased information will create a biased Federal workforce.

To fix this, we ask President Trump to take the following steps:

1. Create a Special Counsel to investigate the biasing of information delivery by Big Tech companies claiming Section 230 immunity.

2. Remove access to any and all software and tools from Federal computers, including search and social media applications, that bias the information that Federal workers see.

3. Place a moratorium on Federal advertising dollars going to any Big Tech company with Section 230 immunity that cannot demonstrate it is showing unbiased information to its users.

We believe these are appropriate measures to take to assure government is not affected by the far left and biased tech giants.

This is an emergency.
President Trump must act or America will lose.

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