Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says Everyone Should Delete Facebook Because Conversations Aren’t Private

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is urging Facebook users to delete their accounts due to a lack of privacy on the platform.

Speaking to TMZ at Ronald Reagan National Airport, Wozniak said that users personal conversations are not private.

“I worry because you’re having conversations you think are private or think you can keep to yourself. You’re saying words that really shouldn’t be listened to but you don’t expect it,” Wozniak said. “But there’s almost no way to stop it. People think they have a level of privacy. They don’t.”

Wozniak added that there “are many different kinds of people, and some, the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy, but to many like myself, my recommendation to most people is you should figure out a way to get off Facebook.”

“I’m worried about everything,” Wozniak said. “I don’t think we can stop it though, but everything about you, I mean they can measure your heartbeat with lasers now, they can listen to you with a lot of devices. Who knows if my cell phone’s listening right now?”

The tech genius explained that even things as simple as a “like” on a Facebook post is being used to sell your data to advertising companies.

“The trouble is that my like’s not going to you. In my head it is, but my like is going to the advertisers.”

Wozniak suggested that one solution may be to pay a premium fee in order for the company to protect your privacy.

“Why don’t they give me a choice? Let me pay a certain amount, and you’ll keep my data more secure and private than everybody else handing it to advertisers,” Wozniak said.

Facebook has long been under fire for their handling of user data.


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