Andy Ngo Appears On Lars Larson Show, Describes Attack, Fears He May Have Permanent Brain Damage


Portland based radio host Lars Larson welcomed journalist and videographer Andy Ngo into the studio for an extended interview in the wake of Saturday’s protest-turned-riot-turned-attack against Ngo.

“Portland’s progressive monoculture creates this bubble where people are radicalized in their own echo chamber,” Ngo starts off with, before going on to describe the events of Saturday. “I kept thinking that at any moment the police were going to come in and swoop me up and save me, but that didn’t happen,” he says, while explaining that this attack happened right out front of the justice center, where the police headquarters are. Police apparently directed him to turn back toward the mob to go find an ambulance, as many of the streets were shut down due to the protests.

“Does it have to take a death for the policing tactics to change?” he asks.

In an earlier interview Tuesday on FOX Business Network Andy Ngo said he still had issues with memory and speaking following the attack. He told Lars doctors say his memory issues might last 6 months.

Full video of the interview on Lars’s facebook page: