After Mueller Meltdown Pelosi Still Spreads the Hoax: “I Wonder What Putin Has Politically, Financially or Personally” on President Trump (VIDEO)

This is astonishing.
After Robert Mueller’s meltdown yesterday before Congress Speaker Pelosi told Tucker Carlson’s producer Alex Pfeiffer she still wonders what Putin has on President Trump.

What a shameless liar.
She is still pushing the Russia hoax!

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:


Alex Pfeiffer: Speaker Pelosi, Alex Pfeiffer from Tucker Carlson Tonight. In January you wondered what Putin had on Trump. After yesterday are you getting closer to finding that out?

Speaker Pelosi: We have it in the courts right now…

Alex Pfeiffer: Are you any closer to figuring out what Putin has on Trump?

Speaker Pelosi: That’s why we — they need to answer our subpoena.

Alex Pfeiffer: Do you still think Putin might have some blackmail on the president?

Speaker Pelosi: I wonder what Putin has politically, financially or personally.

Alex Pfeiffer: So our president could be subject to blackmail you think?

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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