What Is Taking So Long? Lindsey Graham Says Spygate Documents Must Be Disclosed to the American People

Lindsey Graham

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham told investigative reporter Sara Carter that his goal is to make sure Spygate documents get released to the public.

President Trump gave Attorney General Bill Barr the authority to declassify Spygate documents several weeks ago yet we still haven’t seen anything.


Senator Graham also hinted there are questions as to whether the investigation into Trump’s campaign started before Crossfire Hurricane began in July of 2016 (Hint: it did).

Sara Carter reported:

“The American people need to know, not from cable TV but from the documents themselves what actually happened,” Graham said. “I’m not going to jeopardize sources and methods but let me tell you that’s not a concern here.”

“Here’s what I am hoping and pushing for – when it comes to the warrant application, when it comes to the counterintelligence investigation, that we release as much information as possible to tell the story,” Graham added.

Graham stressed the now declassified documents Barr has the authority to release to the public will not violate national security or reveal sources or methods.

He said the information pertaining to former Trump campaign aide George Papadopolous and Page regarding their exchanges with outed FBI spy Cambridge Professor Stephan Halper do not jeopardize national security.

It appears that documents sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee are going into a black hole because there have been no criminal referrals of any deep staters by Lindsey Graham.

House Republicans are reportedly outraged over Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham’s “showboating” since taking over the chairmanship from Senator Grassley.

Senator Chuck Grassley was serious about getting to the bottom of Spygate when he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but House Republicans are saying that Senator Graham (R-SC) is putting on a “charade” on Fox News for South Carolina voters and “not doing a f*cking thing,” according to investigative reporter, Paul Sperry.

Last month Lindsey Graham appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” and told host Maria Bartiromo that he is working to declassify a ‘sensitive document’ that will prove the FBI knew the Steele dossier lacked credibility before it was used to obtain a spy warrant on Carter Page.

So what is taking him so long?

Even worse, it has been 18 months since the American people learned that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the phony Russia dossier that was used to spy on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, yet Hillary still hasn’t answered any questions about the scandal.

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