What If You Held an Impeach Protest and Nobody Came? – LOW ENERGY MoveOn.org ‘Impeach Trump’ Protests a COMPLETE BUST

The far left MoveOn org reportedly held 130 “Impeach Trump” protests on Saturday across the nation.

It was a complete bust.
What an embarrassment!

This was the Atlanta Impeach Trump rally…. About 20 people pictured

The proetst in Southern California was also a bust.
A few dozen attendees.

The pro-Trump counter protesters about equalled the ‘Impeach” protesters… In California!


There was a beach protest somewhere.
One crazy lady was in an orange Trump costume.

Here’s another one… a street protest.

Even in far left Washington DC the leftists and commies had a crappy turnout.

This protest was in EUGENE, OREGON!

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