Twitter Mocks Buttigieg for Pandering to Voters By Drinking in Public Out of a Paper Bag

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is being ruthlessly mocked on Twitter for “pandering to blacks by breaking the law and drinking in public.”

The candidate, who appeared out of no where and became the media’s golden child, was spotted drinking what appeared to be whiskey out of a brown paper bag. The scene is from a Showtime show called Desus & Mero.

In the clip, Buttigieg and the show’s hosts acknowledge they are breaking the law, but joke that Buttigieg could pardon them if he wins the election.

Blaze TV’s White House correspondent tweeted “Nothing to see here. Just @PeteButtigieg pandering to blacks by breaking the law and drinking in public. ‘Maybe if I do something illegal, blacks will think I’m one of them!'”

Buttigieg is the second candidate to cause Twitter users to cringe with their staged drinking in the past week.

While pandering to the LGBTQ community, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand sipped a shot of what appeared to be tequila while pretending not to notice the camera. She then raised her hand in the air and said “gay rights” in the most awkward way possible.


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