Trump: ‘I Have Doves and Hawks’, If it Was Up to John Bolton We Would ‘Take On the Whole World at One Time’

During his interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on Sunday, President Donald Trump said that if it was up to his national security adviser John Bolton, we would be taking on the “whole world at one time.”

Bolton has been under intense scrutiny from the ‘America First’ populist side of President Trump’s base who do not want to see the US get dragged into another war.

When asked by Todd if he was “being pushed into military action against Iran” by any of his advisers, Trump responded that he has “two groups of people. I have doves and I have hawks.”

Todd responded by saying, “yeah, you have some serious hawks.”

“John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was up to him he’d take on the whole world at one time, okay?” Trump said.

Trump added that Bolton’s Neocon hawkish ways don’t matter because he wants to hear both sides, before adding that he was against the invasion of Iraq.

During the George W. Bush administration, Bolton was made the Undersecretary for Arms Control, which put him in charge of issues related to weapons of mass destruction. He was one of the main cheerleaders for the war and loudest voices spreading the false information about Iraq’s arsenal of WMDs.

Since joining the administration, Bolton has threatened North Korea, Iran and regime change in Venezuela.

Trump recently made the decision to resist the swamp dwelling warmongers that infest DC and opt not to deploy a strike that would have killed 150 people over an unmanned drone.

The move was widely celebrated and praised by not only his base, but many independents and people in the anti-war left.