Ted Malloch: Boris May Be the UK Trump

Guest post by Ted Malloch the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

The acclaimed Polish-British portrait painter gets Boris Johnson right down to the last stroke of her brush.

The charismatic, highly energetic and eccentric conservative Member of Parliament and former Mayor of London has launched his campaign to become Prime Minister — today.

He is what in Britain they call “Brilliant.”

I’ve run into him numerous times at my Club in Pall Mall and will attest to Bojo’s incredible intellect and clever wit.

He speaks his mind.

He is exceptionally clear and coherent.

His track record is flawless: crime in London was slashed until Sadiq Khan, Boris’ successor as Mayor, took over.

The early polls put him far ahead of the other ten contenders for the post and he is an odds on favorite to become the next Prime Minister.

He should have been made Prime Minister, instead of Theresa May, three years ago after he lead the Leave the winning EU referendum campaign.

Making up for lost time, Boris is promising a huge tax cut on Britons making up to GBP 80’000 a year –sound economics for Britain.

Things would have turned out very differently.

Michael Gove, who is again challenging him for the top post, stabbed him in the back then.

Boris won’t let it happen again.

He is going to win and so will Great Britain.

His theme this time is direct: BACK BORIS.

Boris is a historian and has a talented knack for writing.

His book on Churchill allows him to channel that famous patriot and warrior whom he resembles in many ways.

Boris was born in America and has a strong affinity for the United States, freedom and the US-UK Special relationship.

He gets on well with his American governmental counterpart—one, Donald J. Trump.

He may clown around on occasion but he knows where his bread is buttered – polls are predicting 140+ of the 313 tory MPs to back him, more than enough to make the second round.

As a one-nation conservative he seeks to keep the United Kingdom united and wants what he calls “an opportunity society” with “no one left behind.” He will bring back stop-and-search nationwide to combat the appalling rise in knife crime – London just passed New York in murders per capita, a horrifying development.

The Etonian, educated at Balliol College, Oxford reeks of class and aristocracy and was himself the president of the coveted Oxford Debating Union (Gove was his campaign manager). Yet, he is adored by the working classes and won twice in London, which is multicultural and Labour Left.

The Conservatives badly need a winner.

As a journalist career wise, having started with The Times and moved on to be The Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent, before editing The Spectator, Boris knows how to cajole and manipulate the media.

He is expert at doing his own PR – Just like POTUS.

Bojo is a brand that we will be seeing a lot of on the world’s stage soon.

A strong Eurosceptic, Boris is a thorough Leaver, which means the one thing he is promising over everything else, is that after three years of muddling, Britain will depart the EU on October 31st of this year, with or without a deal.

Here is The Deal he should offer now: put the horse in front of the cart.

Start all over.

Say a free trade deal based on that of Canada and the EU is the starting place.

Cement it. Done!

The following year will hash out all the pluses to add. But there is an agreed Deal from the start.

This solves everything.

It is a deal based managed Brexit.

The withdrawal agreement can be rewritten based on the deal in 15 pages, spelling out a simple exit.

No need for an Irish backstop. Payments should be made in full based on agreement, not in advance.

This solves everything and allows Britain to leave and still have a strong trading relationship with the EU and soon all the other countries that want to make a similar deal, the US coming first.

Boris Johnson is an entertaining, humorous, and extremely popular leader and is the best thing for the UK and its people.

He made London work, defends capitalism, and is all about national sovereignty and unity.

He is America’s best ally and friend.

In an interview, just before visiting the UK, Donald Trump endorsed Johnson for the role, saying of the election: “I actually have studied it very hard. I know the different players. But I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent. I like him.”

You can take that to the bank!

If you want to acquaint yourself with Boris’ wide range of thinking and ideas view the Margaret Thatcher Lecture he recently presented here:

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