Sleepy Joe Biden Speaks to 200 Supporters in Iowa – Rips Trump on Border Security and Mexican Deal — WOW!

Sleepy Joe Biden spoke to a couple hundred supporters in Mount Pleasant, Iowa on Tuesday.

Low energy Joe took a swipe at President Trump over border security and his historic deal with Mexico.

Via Dave Weigel:


Democrats like Joe Biden have NO ANSWER for the invasion on the US southern border.
They don’t even believe there is a crisis at the border after 144,000 illegals were apprehended just last month.

Democrats are not a serious party.

President Trump promised to impose increasing tariffs on Mexico if they did not take strong measures to prevent the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants of passing through Mexico to the United States.

Democrats, the Chamber of Commerce and RINOs were OUTRAGED that President Trump threaten such drastic measures to protect the United States.

But it worked.

On Friday night President Trump announced that a historic agreement was reached and Mexico will take strong measures to stem the tide of illegals to the United States.

Joe Biden thinks this is a joke?

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