SICK AND MEAN: New Netflix Show Starring Gaten Matarazzo Will Punk Unemployed People Who Think They’ve Landed a New Job

Being unemployed is not a joke.
Mocking someone who is out there working to find a job is not a joke.

Netflix has a new show with Gaten Matarazzo where they punk people who think they have landed a job.
What a sick joke!
Who thinks of this crap?

Mike Cernovich has it right.

And it’s even worse when you read about it.
CNET reported:


Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, will be hosting a hidden-camera prank show on Netflix later this year.

The show is called Prank Encounters, Deadline reports, and Matarazzo, 16, will host and executive produce the show. Netflix has ordered eight episodes, Deadline says.

The show sounds like Candid Camera meets Punk’d meets Undercover Boss, as it’s set in the workplace. Each episode focuses on two strangers who each think they’re starting their first day at a new job, and then the pranking starts.

But first, Matarazzo will return to Netflix on Stranger Things when the third season premieres July 4.

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