Shocker. Nadler’s Trump-Bashing Witnesses Are Obama Appointees and MSNBC Hack Contributors (VIDEO)

The Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee chaired by Jerry Nadler dragged out Watergate figure John Dean to testify at Monday’s hearing about Mueller’s report.

Nadler also trotted out two former Obama-appointed US Attorneys who are contributors to MSNBC, and they both came out and trashed President Trump.


Joyce White Vance, an Obama-appointed US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama pushed the lie that President Trump obstructed Mueller’s investigation.

There was no underlying crime so there cannot be any obstruction of justice, but the Obama hack trashed Trump and spread the lie anyway.

“If anyone other than a president of the United States committed this conduct he would be under indictment today for multiple acts of Obstruction of Justice,” Joyce White Vance.


Nadler also trotted out Barbara McQuade, another former Obama-appointed US Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

McQuade actually said in her opening statement that there is evidence to support that Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mueller never even indicted President Trump!

“The conduct described in the [Mueller] report constitutes multiple crimes of Obstruction of Justice. It’s supported by evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” McQuade said.


So there you have it. Two Obama hacks trashing President Trump, an innocent man who has never been indicted or convicted of a crime.

This is obviously a desperate attempt by the Democrats to sell the public on impeaching Trump.