Reps Jordan, Meadows Send Letter to Cummings, ‘When Will Michael Cohen be Held Accountable For Perjury?’

Michael Cohen

Congressmen Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) are pressing the Democrat chairman of the Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings over his promise to punish Michael Cohen if he lied to Congress during a February hearing.

“Today marks 100 days since Cohen’s testimony. We are deeply disappointed that you have declined to hold Cohen accountable,” Meadows and Jordan wrote in a letter to Cummings.


The top Republican lawmakers accused Cummings of excusing and legitimizing “Michael Cohen’s perjury-laden testimony” to the Oversight Committee.

Meadows, Jordan

Congressman Jordan has repeatedly stated that Michael Cohen lied SEVEN times during his February testimony, yet Democrat chairman Cummings has not done anything about his promise to criminally refer Cohen to the Justice Department.

Even worse, Cummings is using Cohen’s testimony to go after President Trump’s financial records and Rep. Jordan let him have it.

Meadows and Jordan outlined the seven lies Cohen told the testimony including his lie that he never sought a pardon from Trump.

Recall, Cohen’s testimony was full of so many lies that Congressmen Meadows and Jordan actually criminally referred Trump’s former lawyer to the Justice Department mid-hearing!

Cummings previously said he considered the matter “closed.”

Meadows and Jordan hit back at Cummings over this decision.

“You may consider this matter ‘closed’ because you want it to go away. But respectfully, you invited Michael Cohen before the Committee and you must live with the consequences,” they wrote. “We warned you about the dangers of showcasing the testimony of a convicted liar. The stain of Cohen’s testimony will continue to tarnish the Committee’s reputation and that of your chairmanship until you accept the overwhelming evidence that he lied and act to hold him accountable.”

Michael Cohen is currently serving a 36-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and tax evasion and bank fraud related to his tax medallion business.

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