Rep. Mo Brooks Goes Off on Open Border Democrats for Passing Amnesty During Current Illegal Migrant Invasion at Border

On Tuesday House Democrats and SEVEN REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS passed amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States.

On Wednesday United States Border Patrol officers announced the government encountered more than 144,278 undocumented immigrants at the southwest border in May, the largest monthly total in 13 years.

The border is in crisis and Democrats want to reward illegal aliens with amnesty.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) went to the House floor and blasted Socialist Democrats for their push for amnesty.

Rep. Mo Brooks: “Let me be very clear, illegal alien amnesty only begets and encourages more lawless illegal alien conduct. Socialist Democrats care not one whit about American blood on their hands! Socialist Democrats covet political power and they see open borders, amnesty, and illegal aliens voting as the way to get it!”

Via The Columbia Bugle:

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