Radical Gay Activist Carlos Maza and Junk Website Media Matters Are Behind Movement to Ban “The_Donald” Reddit Page

Well, what a surprise!

Earlier today Reddit quarantined the LARGEST Pro-Trump forum online — just as election season begins!

The Masters of the Universe censorship expands — Reddit just quarantined The Donald on Reddit.

Reddit will not allow clever memes and pro-Trump discussion!
Not on their platform!

‘The Donald’ Reddit page tweeted this out on Wednesday morning.

The Donald Reddit page is one of the most popular pages on Reddit.


Now we know who was behind this latest fascist effort to silence those you disagree with…
Gay activist Carlos Maza and Soros-funded Media Matters!

Maza is the same far left activist and Vox “reporter” who led the campaign to demonetize conservative Stephen Crowder on YouTube.

Carlos Maza posted this Media Matters article on Twitter on Monday.

Via Gab:

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