President Trump Twitter Bombs Democrat Presidential Debate From Air Force One: “BORING!”

Flying high over the Pacific on Air Force One headed to Osaka, Japan for the G20 Summit, President Trump tweeted a one word slam of the first round of the Democrat presidential debate taking place in Miami, “BORING!”

Earlier Wednesday Trump told reporters he would be watching the debate, “Everyone said I’ll be tweeting. I’ll actually be in the plane. It just seems very boring, but I’m going to watch it because I have to. This is part of my life,” he said. “Do I want to watch it?…It’s a very unexciting group of people.”

Later, at a stopover in Alaska, Trump greeted airmen with a dig at the debating Democrats, “Pres Trump walks out on #DemDebate. Steps off Air Force One during refueling stop in Alaska, even though debate underway to greet military personnel at Elmendorf/Richardson. “I chose you over them,” he said. “You’re smarter,”


Trump also said the candidates in the debate would do “poorly”.

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