PRESIDENT TRUMP Slams Fed Chair Again for Raising Rates, Stalling Economy, Crashing Market: “It’s Insane… Our Market Would Be Up 10,000 Points!” (Video)

The US economy and markets hit several historic records in 2018.

President Trump was correct in his policy and the economy was never stronger.

Then in October Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stepped in and crushed the outstanding gains.

The market tanked, the Dow Jones dropped over 5,000 points, the Middle Class was decimated and the global markets were shocked. Jerome Powell’s stock market crash was GREATER THAN the market crash after 9-11. The guy is a dangerous lunatic.

The Dow crashed 5,036 in December from its all-time high on October 3, 2018.

Since Jerome Powell’s comments on October 3rd and continuing promises of rate hikes the Dow Jones sank 18.7%.
The Dow went down over 5,000 points or 18%!

The stock market crashed 14% after the 9-11 Islamic attacks on America.

The DOW reached another all-time high on October 3rd reaching 26,829. It was up for the 103rd time since Donald Trump was elected President and 46% since the November 2016 election.

This was clearly too much for the Fed’s Powell who then scared investors with his message that he will raise rates well into next year.

Over $5 Trillion in Wealth was erased!

As a result of Fed Chief Powell’s actions, Americans have watched their 401k’s dissolve into thin air.

Jerome Powell added billions of new debt to the economy.
He stalled the Trump market surge.
He decimated 401k’s.
He eliminated trillions of dollars in wealth.
And he also managed to bring the economy to a halt.
Jerome Powell is a dangerous lunatic and screwed this president and the American people.

President Trump did not forget about Powell’s mistakes.  On Monday Trump hammered the Fed Chair on Twitter.

And on Wednesday morning President Trump hit Jerome Powell again during his interview with FOX Business Network host Maria Bartiromo.

President Trump told Bartiromo,

“We’re taking money out and raising interest rates. It’s insane. He never should have raised interest rates to the extent that he did. If he would have raised them, just half, and if he would have not done the quantitative tightening, our market would have been up another 10,000 points and I’ll tell you, GDP would have been up another point or two points… Here’s a guy — nobody ever heard of him before. And now, I made him, and he wants to show how tough he is, okay. Let him show how tough he is. He’s a– he’s a– he’s not doing a good job.”

Via FOX Business Network:

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