President Trump Praises Michael Flynn for Retaining a “GREAT LAWYER” in Sidney Powell

On Wednesday news broke that esteemed attorney and author Sidney Powell will represent General Michael Flynn.

General Mike Flynn hired defense attorney Sidney Powell to represent him after abruptly firing his lawyers last week.

Sara Carter reported:

“He is and will continue to cooperate with the government in all aspects,” Powell told “He and his family truly appreciate all the cards and letters of support from countless people and the contributions to the defense fund which are even more important now.”

Powell noted that Flynn’s case file, “is massive” and “it will take me at least 90 days to review it.”

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times Sidney Powell blasted the appalling two-tiered judicial system in the United States today where General Michael Flynn can get set up and prosecuted by deep state operatives while Peter Strzok can leak and lie and get off scot free.

On Thursday President Trump gave Sidney Powell a shout-out on Twitter.

Sidney Powell later thanked the US President for his kind words.

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