President Trump On Iran Drone Attack and US Response: ‘Iran made a very big mistake!–You’ll find out soon’

President Donald Trump spoke to reporters Thursday about a response to Iran shooting down a U.S. drone in international airspace Wednesday, saying, “You’ll find out soon.” Trump made his comment as he greeted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House. Trump spoke again to reporters about Iran at a pool spay in the Oval Office with Trudeau seated by his side.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning, “Iran made a very big mistake!”

Trump later said to reporters asking about a U.S. attack in response, “You’ll find out soon”.

In comments to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump gave Iran a chance to de-escalate the shooting down of the unarmed reconnaissance drone by positing that perhaps it was a “mistake” made by an Iranian general–but added the U.S. “will not stand for it.”

Trump sent a warning to Iran on attacking U.S. personnel, saying that the drone was unmanned but that if it had been, “It would have made a big difference, let me tell you it would have made a big, big difference.”

Oval Office pool spray video:

In reply to a question about reports members of his administration are trying to “push you in to conflict”, Trump said no and that “in many cases it’s the opposite”, adding that he is mindful of his election promise to get the U.S. out the “endless wars” in the Middle East.

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