President Trump Falsely Accused By NBC and Other Media of Delaying Start of D-Day Ceremony for Laura Ingraham Interview

President Trump was falsely accused by some in the media of delaying the start of the ceremony in Normandy commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Allies D-Day invasion to liberate Nazi-occupied France for an interview with Laura Ingraham.

Reporters who posted photo at the time of the interview did not accuse accuse Trump of delaying the ceremony.

NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson reported later that Trump was sitting for an interview with Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham after the scheduled start of the D-Day ceremony.


“French television cameras spotted President Trump sitting down with Fox’s Laura Ingraham – fourteen minutes *after* the ceremony in Normandy was set to begin. Thousands of people waited as an announcement overhead came on, declaring the program would be delayed until 11:15a.”

Jackson posted several minutes later that another reporter said the hold up was for French President Emmanuel Macron who was late arriving for the ceremony.

“As @JonLemire notes: from pool’s vantage point, the president appeared to be done and ready before Macron arrived, at which point ceremony began.”

Of course the first Jackson tweet blaming Trump has over 12,000 interactions while the correction has about 1100 interactions as of this article being published.

Incredibly, the report by the AP’s Jonathan Lemire that Macron was the one holding things up was posted about 45 minutes before Jackson smeared Trump over the delay.

Former CNNer Steve Krakauer called out Jackson:

Mediaite and Raw Story jumped on Trump:

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jim Acosta attacked Trump for being Trump.


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