Pelosi Fights Back Fake Tears Over Photo of Father and Daughter Drowning While Illegally Entering US From Mexico (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi

Oh please!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) fought back fake tears on Thursday as she spoke about the illegal alien father-daughter drowning at the US border.

AS TGP’s Kristinn Taylor previously pointed out, the media used the graphic photos of the father-daughter drowning to attack President Trump.

A father and his 2-year-old daughter from El Salvador drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to illegally enter the United States from Mexico on Sunday as the wife/mother watched helplessly from the Mexico side.

The Associated Press decided to publish a series of graphic photos and the Democrat-media complex launched an assault on Trump.

Pelosi put on quite a show on Thursday when she was asked about the drowning.

Pelosi put her head down and took a deep breath as if to gather herself when a reporter asked her about her reaction to the photo of the drowned father and young daughter.

“Can you just imagine the father put the little girl on the shore to go back and get the mother and the little girl wanted to be with her father so she got back in and then he couldn’t save her,” Pelosi said in a shaky voice.

Oddly, Pelosi didn’t have any tears for Kate Steinle or Officer Ronil Singh, two American citizens who were gunned down and murdered by illegal aliens.


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