NEW: Judge Sullivan Orders Public Release of Audio of Trump Atty Voicemail to Flynn Lawyer

General Mike Flynn

Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Clinton-appointee, on Thursday ordered the public release of the November 2017 audio recording from Trump attorney John Dowd’s voicemail to Flynn’s lawyer.

Recall, on Friday evening Deep State Federal prosecutors released the full transcript from President Trump’s attorneys to General Michael Flynn’s attorneys.


Mueller and Weissmann used the phone call as evidence that Trump was attempting to interfere with the special counsel Russia collusion witch hunt.

After the call was released several internet sleuths compared the call transcript to the transcript published in the Mueller report.

Robert Mueller and his hitman Andrew Weissmann manipulated the transcript and lied about the call.

This is more proof the deep state used any means possible including lying to get Trump.

Judge Sullivan is ordering the public release of Flynn’s lawyers voicemail to Trump’s lawyer, however, he covered for the Deep State and allowed the Justice Department to keep the transcripts of the calls between General Mike Flynn and former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak hidden from the public.

Last Friday, federal prosecutors refused to release the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts, arguing that the government “is not relying on any other recordings, of any person, for purposes of establishing the defendant’s guilt or determining his sentencing, nor are there any other recordings that are part of the sentencing record.”

On Tuesday, Judge Sullivan said he accepted the government’s argument to keep the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts under wraps.

Ironically, these are the very transcripts that were already selectively leaked to David Ignatius of the Washington Post in January of 2017 — this illegal leak to WaPo ultimately led to Flynn’s firing.

But now the government wants to keep the full transcripts a secret — obviously they are hiding information that could be a game changer for Flynn.

On Thursday it was revealed Flynn fired his lawyers and replaced them with a high-profile lawyer ahead of his sentencing.

When asked by a reporter if he is now representing General Flynn, Joe DiGenova responded, “We are not at liberty to discuss.”

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