Malloch and Cuello: Thirty Years After the June 4 Massacre in China

Guest post by Ted Malloch and Felipe Cuello

It was Tiananmen Square in Peking where it all began or should we say ended?

The Chinese example of communism and free enterprise was supposed to create a democratic and prosperous new entrant to the world’s economy.


What ended that day in a massacre of over 3000 Chinese citizens was something many of us said was unfortunately inevitable: communism won over capitalism for the future of China.

The power of the barrel of the gun outplayed human rights and freedom.

The real China of Leninist-Maoism and one state totalitarian rule (now transformed into a surveillance state) shone through.

China has never transformed and instead became a mercantilist economic power using predatory means to steal not only intellectual property but also jobs from the West, and especially the American heartland.

The notorious Chinese one child policy led to the abortion of some 30 million little girls on the basis of sex.

Surely that’s some kind of war crime.

To the oh so woke “baizuo” – mandarin Chinese that translates loosely to “White Left” – China can do no wrong.

While they hang on every last tweet from @RealDonaldTrump, frantically hunting for very intersectional sin they can squeeze the last drop of victimhood from; the regime in Beijing gets away with re-education camps for the Muslim minority Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.

As the democratic rights of Hong Kongers are slowly but surely eroded away, the screeching to high heavens about Donald Trump’s inability to lose sucks up all the oxygen that should be feeding a democratic revival.

While the semi-independent Republic of China (Taiwan) comes under greater and greater threats to their self-determination, POTUS is busy revamping the nation-state for the 21st century – to loud protests from the baizuo.

As our allies in East Asia repel poke after poke from the Communist party – from the building of fortified airstrip islands in the South China Sea, to the suspicious Belt-and-Road mercantilist plan to buy influence – no amount of bending over backwards to satisfy our European allies has so far mollified the narrative that Trump wants to leave NATO in the cold.

Simultaneously criticized as a “warmonger” on issues like Venezuela and Iran, the White House’s admirable efforts to normalize relations with North Korea have not been spared the fine-toothed comb treatment with which opposition pundits (and Twitter, writ large) have followed every twist and turn so far.

Even Mitt Romney, who correctly identified China as a currency manipulator in his 2012 presidential campaign, has opened fire on the Administration’s name-shame-and-tariff strategy to level the playing field with the military-run Chinese state-owned firms.

The concept of the “Useful Idiot” of Soviet times comes to mind.

Apocryphally attributed to Vladimir Lenin, father of Communism in real life – Marx’s revolutionary efforts were, like much else he did while on this Earth, a failure – the Soviets actively cultivated unsophisticated agents all over the world, even when they promised they’d stop “exporting the revolution”.

Jeremy Corbyn – Marxist leader of the British Labour Party and longtime MP for Islington North – got his start in politics as a useful idiot for the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” a civil society group run and financed (secretly) by Moscow to convince the UK that unilateral nuclear disarmament was a good idea (it wasn’t and still isn’t). He adores regimes like that of communist Red China, as do many in Democrat and even many swamp prone Republican circles.

On this day we should remember and stand with the protestors in China; those whose memory has been all but erased there and bravery ignored here.

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