MAJOR FIND: More Ammunition for Roger Stone: The Only Firm to Review DNC Server, Crowdstrike, is Connected to James Clapper, The Atlantic Council and More Shoddy IT Investigative Work

On May 5, 2017, 12:31 pm, Wikileaks puts out a simple tweet notifying its readers that, hey, there appears to be a hack of Macron’s account, but it might be a prank, so we’re checking into it to see what it’s all about:

The NYT translated this WikiLeaks tweet to somehow mean this: “U.S. Far-Right Activists Promote Hacking Attack Against Macron”

This is how the New York Times was able to reach this conclusion. They had the help from trusty “experts” at the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRL):

It’s the anti-globalists trying to go global,” said Ben Nimmo, a senior fellow of the digital forensics research lab…”

In just one afternoon, the trusty “experts” at DFRL were able to gather all the “evidence” they needed to determine that Wikileaks was in collusion with “alt-right 4Channers” to “actively promote the hacking of Macron’s emails” “in order to sway the French election.”

But the WikiLeaks tweet above is dated May 5, 2017, and the DFRL report below is also dated May 5, 2017.  How can this be?  How could the DFRL produce an analysis and a report on the same day that the subject of the report and study was released?

It was a miracle that the DFRL experts were able to uncover this nefarious activity so expeditiously for the safety and well-being of the free world. An examination of DFRL’s miracle evidence that allowed them to reach the conclusion that one single WikiLeaks tweet was the signal to Alt-right 4Channers (who are really Russian bots) colluding with Wikileaks to steal the French election was this ….

And that evidence is……..retweets (RT’s). (Record scratches).

Wait….wut? You mean retweets are evidence of 4Channer Russian bots who are in collusion with Wikileaks to steal an election? Clearly retweets is not evidence of, really, anything at all except that people were interested in what you had to say…

And in the grand scheme of things, the amount of RT’s Wikileaks got on that one tweet isn’t an unusual amount compared to what they get on other tweets, so in effect, the DFRL is making the claim that Wikileaks’ followers are nothing but Russian bots…..once again, based on the level of RT’s.

So who exactly is DFRL?

Oh, yeah, the DFRL is the research lab at the Atlantic Council…these are the same people who investigated the DNC servers and determined they were hacked which the FBI and the Mueller team relied on throughout the entire Mueller sham investigation.

Yes, of course DFRL is connected to CrowdStrike, the guys who found the “evidence” of Russians hacking the DNC and the DCCC!

Ukrainian billionaire and longtime contributor to the Clinton Foundation Victor Pinchuk, was doing his best to promote a Clinton victory. Pinchuk serves on the International Advisory Board of a Washington-based think tank called the Atlantic Council. This group is “connected to Ukrainian interests through its “Ukraine in Europe Initiative,” which is designed to galvanize international support for an independent Ukraine within secure borders whose people will determine their own future.” Also serving on the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council is James Clapper, who served as Obama’s Director of National Intelligence. Funnily enough, Bongino discovered that the Chief Technology Officer of “the only company that investigated the hacking of the DNC’s servers and quickly determined it was the Russians, is a nonresident senior fellow in cybersecurity” at the Atlantic Council. His name is Dmitri Alperovitch (owner of CrowdStrike).”

So DFRL is connected to Crowdstrike which is connected to former Obama Director of National Intelligence, the corrupt and slanderous James Clapper, and they are all connected to the Atlantic Council. And, they are involved is shoddy, if not worthless investigations into data leaks and hackers.

I think Roger Stone might want to see this!

Hat tip D. Manny

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