JUST IN: Meadows Preparing Referral Asking IG Horowitz to Investigate FBI and Mueller’s Handling of Manafort Warrants

Rep. Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) is preparing a referral asking Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate the FBI’s and Mueller’s handling of the warrants on Paul Manafort, contacts with the media (Andrew Weissmann’s contact with AP) and their reliance on the “cash black ledger” they were warned was fake.

In John Solomon’s bombshell report published earlier, he pointed out that Mueller’s “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann had contact with the Associated Press ONE DAY before they published a story on Manafort — and Weissmann assisted with the hit piece.

So, essentially, the FBI cited a leak that the government had facilitated and then used it to support the black ledger evidence, even though it had been clearly warned about the document.

Secondly, the FBI was told the ledger claimed to show cash payments to Manafort when, in fact, agents had been told since 2014 that Manafort received money only by bank wires, mostly routed through the island of Cyprus, memos show.

John Solomon reported Wednesday evening that Meadows is preparing a referral to the DOJ’s IG:

Rep. Mark Meadows, a senior Republican on the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, told me Wednesday night he is asking the Justice Department inspector general to investigate the FBI and prosecutors’ handling of the Manafort warrants, including any media leaks and evidence that the government knew the black ledger was potentially unreliable or suspect evidence.

The question of whether the Mueller team should have used the ledger in search warrant affidavits before that is for the courts to decide.

But the public has a substantial interest in questioning whether, more broadly, the FBI should have sustained a Trump-Russia collusion investigation for more than two years based on the suspect Steele dossier and black ledger.

In case you missed, here’s the backstory:

It appears the FBI used another fake document to hunt down Trump’s former 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

According to a new bombshell report by award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon, the FBI used more than the junk, Hillary-funded Russia dossier to hunt down Trump and his associates.

According to John Solomon, the “black cash ledger” which emerged in the Ukraine in the summer of 2016, was used to remove Manafort from Trump’s campaign and eventually used by the US government to prosecute Manafort — in fact, FBI agents mentioned this ledger in an affidavit supporting the July 2017 raid on Manafort’s home.

“On August 19, 2016, after public reports regarding connections between Manafort, Ukraine and Russia — including an alleged ‘black ledger’ of off-the-book payments from the Party of Regions to Manafort — Manafort left his post as chairman of the Trump Campaign,” the July 25, 2017, FBI agent’s affidavit stated.

According to documents, the FBI used the “black cash ledger” as a reason to rehash a criminal case against Paul Manafort that was previously dropped in 2014 — the FBI needed search warrants in 2017 to look through his bank records to prove Manafort worked for a Russian-backed political party in the Ukraine.

The kicker? The FBI received several early warnings that the “black cash ledger” was likely a fake, yet they used it anyway. Mueller’s office was also warned that the document was a fraud, according to John Solomon.

Mueller’s corrupt lawyers knew that if they used the Manafort document, it would require FBI agents to discuss their assessment of the evidence against Manafort, so they sneakily skirted this issue by using media reports that cited the “black cash ledger” — even worse, the feds assisted on one of those media reports as a source, John Solomon said.

The FBI and Mueller’s team knew the ledger was a fraud because they never even introduced it to jurors during Manafort’s trial last summer — rather, they just used it to hunt Manafort down, indict him and drag his name through the mud.

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