John Dean, Trump-Basher and “Golden Boy” of Watergate “Silent Coup” – Invited to Speak in Front of Democrat Led House

The unhinged Democrat led House has invited one of the key participants in the government who helped remove Richard Nixon from office in the 1970’s, John Dean, to speak before Congress.

Dean is a far left NeverTrumper who was a participant in the silent Deep State coup to remove Nixon decades ago. Yeah, this will go over really well…

The Democrat led House of Representatives has done nothing since January when they took over the House.  Now they think that far-left CNN hack John Dean can talk the country into a Trump impeachment.  Far left Trump hating CNBC reported

The House Judiciary Committee on Monday announced a “series of hearings” related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, beginning with a June 10 hearing featuring President Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel, John Dean.

The Democrat-led committee revealed its new schedule as calls to impeach President Donald Trump grew louder from a growing list of Democratic lawmakers and presidential candidates.

The hearing with Dean, titled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes,” was announced less than a week after Mueller, in his first public remarks since becoming special counsel in May 2017, said that he would not go beyond the details in his 448-page report if he is forced to testify before Congress.

Dean has been vocal on CNN demeaning and slandering President Trump.  If this is all the Democrats have to impeach Trump (which it may very well be) then there is no legal cause to impeach this great American President and the Dems are more ignorant than is commonly believed.

Hannity showed videos of crazy Dean on CNN last night –

Dean is no stranger to Deep State coups like the one attempted against President Trump.

In the 1970’s Dean was a participant in the attempt to remove Richard Nixon from the Presidency.  This was all detailed in the book “Silent Coup: The Removal of the President” which discussed Dean’s actions in the coup that led to Nixon’s demise.  The authors of this book were on CSPAN in 1991 to talk about their research covered in their book –

…the authors said that White House aide John Dean was responsible for the cover-up of the 1973 Watergate break-in, that General Alexander Haig was attempting to unseat President Nixon, and that General Haig was also “Deep Throat.”

Some other shocking notes from the CSPAN interview about Watergate include:

John Dean Pulled Off a Hoax –

Because John Dean pulled off an incredible hoax. He pulled it off on the Watergate Committee and he pulled it off on the courts and he pulled it off on the American people, and in a sense he erased the election. If you take John Dean out of the story, it doesn’t matter what Woodward and Haig do because it will be a series of leaks that will mean nothing. There’s no Watergate. It will be traditional Washington leaks that may nick the president a little bit, but it’s not going to drive him out of office. It is the John Dean story that is just absolutely the most important story in the book.

The Deep State Included Members of the Military –

Our principal findings are that Richard Nixon came into the office intending to run a secret government, cut out the Joint Chiefs of Staff, among others. This caused an angry reaction which caused the military spy ring which Alexander Haig, long considered loyal to Nixon, was involved in. Haig had a secret relationship with Bob Woodward that continued through Watergate, leaked information to Woodward in an effort to tarnish Nixon because of distress over the foreign policy. A separate leg of our story is John Dean. Working independently, a young ambitious guy running a rogue intelligence operation in the White House ordered a break-in at the Democratic National Committee and when it failed, covered it up and tricked the president, who never bothered to find out the truth, into the coverup as well.

Howard Kurtz was used to defame the book Silent Coup –

The first shot out of the box they used their so-called media critic, Howard Kurtz. The idea was to poison the well. They put it in the Style section, they trashed the book, and then they sent it to all the wire services that they service around the country in order to poison the well. That was the whole purpose of that.

This leads us to today –

It looks like CNN’s John Dean is well aware of how a Deep State coup works.  The Democrat’s Nadler is wanting him to recreate his crimes but this time against President Trump.


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